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Selected works 2020 Master Thesis

Selected works.

Research on the method for cultivating potentials in Takaoka City using the self-organising economy and narratives found in Man’yōshū by Yuichiro Sugiura

Yuichiro Sugiura thesis 1
Yuichiro Sugiura thesis 2

Adaptable post pandemic living and working spaces by Ayah Nabil Sibai

Ayah Sibai thesis 1
Ayah Sibai thesis 2

Bricolage in architecture analyzed trough the modernism movement and adhocism by Konno Banri

Banri Konno thesis 1
Banri Konno thesis 2

Tokyo’s greenway: design for biodiversity by Zhao Liwenze

Liwenze Zhao thesis 1
Liwenze Zhao thesis 2

New model of affordable housing in Myanmar for resettling periphery communities by Wai Yan Oo

Wai Yan Oo thesis 1
Wai Yan Oo thesis 2