I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

ADS-B 2020 Split Studio, Davisi Boontharm

The Klis Case 2020 : verticality | connectivity | lives

DB’s studio continues working on the project that students started to develop in the workshop The Klis Case 2O2O (online from 12-20 September 2020)
– see the workshop outline for reference-.

The location of the 2020 Workshop focuses at the town of Klis, part of the Croatian Split-Solin-Klis conurbation. Narrowly bypassed by modern highway, Klis stays close but still outside overwhelming excesses of Adriatic tourism, gradually becoming a desirable place to live – due to the combined unique environmental qualities, dramatic natural conditions, rich heritage and new programmes introduced by the government and local authorities. Municipality of Klis focuses at balancing aims for good local life with tourist demand around the attractive Fort. Workshop 2020 aimed to contribute to those agendas.
he Municipality of Klis suggested the preliminary list of sites that will trigger the Workshop, making sure that it provides not only educational and research benefits, but also contributes to development to the visions for better future of this energetic and aspirational community. These two strategic areas are:
Markezina Greda (the Marquez’s Beam) and Kamenolom Klis Kosa (the Klis Kosa Stone Quarry).

Apart from the learning objectives stated in the ADS-B course syllabus, the Klis Case studio encourages students to -conduct a research approach to urban and architectural design
-perform an explorative design in an intensive international design workshop
-enhance the strategic and conceptual thinking
– expose to the complex thinking across scales from territoriality, urbanism and architecture
-participate in an collaborative work as well as an individual interpretation
-develop a particular skill in designing public and open spaces

Seeking the right nature – culture, place – programme balance, Klis Workshop will localize themes of (the quality of) life, connectivity (across scales and needs) and verticality (as dominant morphological feature of the site), and define necessary infrastructures that can enhance social, spatial and technical capacities of this place with amazing resources and potential.

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