I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Professor Manuel Tardits

Manuel Tardits is Professor of Architecture Design (non-tenured) in Practice of I-AUD (International Program in Architecture and Urban Design) at Meiji University. He is co-founder of Mikan based in Yokohama City, which he established in 1995. Prior to this, he worked with various architectural design offices in Paris before advancing career in Japan as well as led the Célavi Associates in Japan. Tardits serves as vice president at ICS College of Art from 2006 and joining the I-AUD faculty in 2013. He has been a visiting faculty member in several institutions such as Shibaura Institute of Technology, University of Tsukuba and Tohoku University.

Mikan’s work includes cultural, educational, commercial and housings in wide range of scale. Tardits also designed number of award winning projects: NHK-Nagano Broadcasting Station (Honorable Mention of Architecture from the Tokyo Society of Architects and Building Engineers 1998), House in Sagamihara (Prize of the Health House from Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. 1998), SHIBUYA-AX (JCD Design Award Honorable Mention 2001), KH-2 (JCD Design Award Honorable Mention 2001), Kindergarten in Yatsushiro (Kumamoto Federation of Wood Industry Associations Award 2001), Shiki no Sakura (JCD Design Award Bronze Award 2005), TOYOTA GROUP PAVILION for The EXPO 2005 (Display Industry Grand Prix 2005, JCD Design Award Silver Award 2005), House in Uehara (Honorable Mention of Architecture from the Tokyo Society of Architects and Building Engineers 2005), French Embassy Residence Renewal, Maruya Gardens, Y150: the 150th Anniversary of the Opening of the Port of Yokohama (JCD Design Award Silver Award 2009), House in Ooimatsuda (Kanagawa Architecture Competition Second Award 2009), Ina-Higashi Primary School (Child Environment Society Design Award Silver Award 2011) and etc. The works has also been widely exhibited and published.

Tardits is a registered architect in France (DPLG), received a Master’s degree from the University of Tokyo in Japan and Bachelor’s degree from the Unite Pedagogique d’ Architecture n.1. Paris in France. In 2005, he was given the title, Chevalier dans L’ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the French government. He has written numerous articles and books such as “Save the Danchi”, “Memory of the House” (common works of Mikan) and “Tokyo, Portraits and Fictions”