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ADS-A 2019 Ueno Park Studio

Tokyo 2040: Toward More Livable, Sustainable and Healthier Future
– “Ueno Night Park”

Just as the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was the starting point of Japan’s social development symbolized by the high economic growth, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Paralympics is expected to be a great opportunity for Japan’s society to shift toward the next stage. At this turning point, we need to realize a new mature society that is environmentally, culturally, and economically sustainable while ensuring diversity, ethnic exchange, work style reform, enhancement of the nightlife economy, and cyclical use of cultural resources. Culture and cultural resources are important elements in common here, and Ueno Night Park Concept is a concept, facilitated by the Tokyo Cultural Heritage Alliance, to connect the environment, culture and economy, to connect new lifestyles and diversity of people, and to show a sample of Japan’s sustainable and mature society to all over the world while utilizing the cultural resources abundantly accumulated in Ueno Park and the surrounding area day and night.
The purpose of this studio is to develop visions of cultural, urban, and international Ueno Park and its surrounding areas that are bustling throughout the day and night, to present desirable future physical environments, and to propose catalytic space designs based on the Ueno Night Park Concept.

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