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Hiro Sasaki/

Professor Hiroyuki Sasaki

Hiroyuki Sasaki is Professor of Department of Architecture at Meiji University. He is also Principal of FTS Urban Design, Tokyo Office. As Tokyo-based urban design practitioner, his most recent research and practice focus on the design of downtowns, central business districts, transit districts, and urban public spaces that make cities and towns recognizable and unique. Other recent researches focus on the same-scale comparison of districts and neighborhoods in Tokyo Metropolitan area and techniques of Form-based Coding.

Through the carrier at Fujita Corporation and Calthorpe Associates (Berkeley, CA), Sasaki sharpened his urban design skills and understanding over a 14-year period as an architectural and urban designer practicing in Japan. He joined FTS Urban Design (San Francisco) in 2001 and led FTS teams in San Francisco on projects including Redwood City Courthouse Square & Downtown Precise Plan 2007 (Redwood City, CA), Tracy Downtown Specific Plan 2007 (City of Tracy, CA), Sprague-Appleway Corridor Subarea Plan 2008 (City of Spokane Valley, WA) and Bothell Downtown Subarea Plan 2008 (City of Bothell, WA). His work focuses on the creation and evolution of compact town patterns and is enhanced by his deep knowledge of architectural design. Since he came back to Japan in 2008, he has been working on Tenjin Meiji-dori district urban design, a CBD revitalization project in Fukuoka, and Maitamon Teraike project, a 10ha residential community development in Kobe.

Sasaki received a Ph.D. in design engineering from Kobe Design University, a Master of City Planning from the School of Environmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture from the University of Tokyo in Japan. He is a registered architect (1st Class, Japan), an American Institute of Certified Planners, a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and a member of the City Planning Institute and the Architectural Institute of Japan. He won CNU Charter Award 2007, Award from the Grand Boulevard Task Force 2008, California Redevelopment Award of Excellence 2008 and so forth.