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workshop 2020 Klis Case Workshop (online)

The Klis Case 2020 continues tradition of annual international urban and architectural design workshops which were regularly conducted in and around the city of Split over the last decade – from the inaugural Split Case in 2011, via Anatomy of Islands Workshops at islands of Vis and Lastovo (2012-18), to Reopening the Split Case (2019), where we have introduced the co+re “topheavy” workshopping concept.
This workshop is supported by Municipality of Klis, which suggested the preliminary list of sites that will trigger the Workshop, making sure that it provides not only educational and research benefits, but also contributes to development to the visions for better future of this energetic and aspirational community. These two strategic areas are Markezina Greda and Klis Kosa Quarry.

It localizes themes of (the quality of) life, connectivity (across scales and needs) and verticality (as dominant morphological feature of the site), and define necessary infrastructures that can enhance social, spatial and technical capacities of this place with amazing resources and potential.
Along the organizing institutions – University of Split (Prof. Neno Kezić et al.) and international co+re platform (Prof. Davisi Boontharm; dbStudio, Meiji University, Tokyo and Prof. Darko Radović, Keio University, Tokyo, co+labo) this outline first invites academics, experts and institutions involved in our recent workshops – University of Ljubljana (Prof. Glažar et al.), Universidad de las Américas, Quito (Prof. Medina), David Sim (Gehl, Copenhagen), and Keio Architecture Strategic partner Politecnico di Milano (Prof. Masera et al.). The Klis Case 2O2O engages cca. 25 students from the participating universities.

The students worked in international and interdisciplinary groups of 3-5, in onsite (locals and those able come to Split/Klis) and online teams,
working via WebEx, Zoom and other internet platforms, simulating the real-life, professional practice of today.

Markezina Greda
Markezina Greda
Klis Kosa
Klis Kosa