I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Workshop 2014 IAUD + University of Oregon


Introduction of course assignments and focused area – PORTLAND – Portland Center for Micro-Enterprise Making Buildings for Makers – October 11-19 2014, University of Oregon (Advanced Design Studio2: Fall 2014, Workshop in Portland)

In the new production economy of Portland (and many other cities) small-scale manufacturing and local food production are returning, beginning again to play significant roles in the urban economy an urban life. The studio involves the design, documentation and exhibition of two linked projects: buildings and spaces for small-scale “makers,” food producers and manufacturers. To be located on site on Portland’s East Side, the projects will combine architectural innovation, economy of means and understanding of humane and effective workplaces for new manufacturing and production.

The assignment consists of 2 phases where the first part was accomplished in the “Charette Workshop” in Portland Campus of the University of Oregon and the second part as the parallel studio as to develop the acquired information and the experience in Portland to focus more on architectural design for the Micro-Enterprise.