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Bangkok Workshop 2015 IAUD + Chulalongkorn University Inda Bangkok


Introduction of the Joint Design Workshop, January 10-17 2015, Chulalongkorn University Inda Bangkok – How to rejuvenate a river front neighborhood with historical value? Redevelopment project of Saphan Pla fish market area in Bangkok – (Bangkok Workshop 2015)

In mega cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo we are facing common conflicts between the existing quality of life and the new urban development. In particular, we need to share the strategic solutions to balance the historical value and the development pressure.

We, planners and designers, have to realize what kind of phenomena exactly occurs in the city, and to analyze the current issues. Then, by envisioning the possible strategies for the ideal future images of the area, it is important for us to propose substantial design solutions in the form of architectural or urban design. In this winter workshop in January, we will focus on a specific site in downtown Bangkok and investigate the future visions of the area intensively, within a short period of time.

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