I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

ADS-C 2018 Davisi Boontharm Studio

Reviitalization of Tama New Town

DB+MK+KN’s studio is focusing on the theme of “RE-s” as studio statement and conceptual thinking in the production of space. The studio is focusing on resource approach in sustainable urban regeneration. It addresses the critical results of modernist design and planning in Tokyo’s context. The area of investigation is Tama New Town (TNT). TNT is a vast area covering some 2,884 hectares spreading across Tama City, Hachioji City, Inagi City and Machida City in Tokyo. It represents Japan’s largest new town developed during the period of rapid economic growth to increase the number of people living in urban areas. Half a century has passed, the new town has never achieved its goal and now facing several socio-economic and spatial problems especially the with aging demographics.

The aim of the studio is to reach beyond just technical problem solving using architectural design only but address the current socio-economic and other neglected issues that Tokyo and TNT are confronting and encourage students to respond creatively in term of strategic planning and urban and architectural design. The studio will investigate the urban issues across scales from the whole town (elements of UD strategy), to district and neighbourhood scale (UD vision), towards architectural and human scales. Inspired by the RE-s concepts, students will form their critical statements which will lead to definition of critical planning and design strategies. Throughout the studio, relevant urban systems will be discussed such as new infrastructure and technology that can assist everyday life.

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Tatsuki Ikebe