I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

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Collaborator Ko Nakamura

Architect, PhD
Founder, Mosaic Design Inc.

Ko Nakamura was born in Tokyo in 1978, he received PhD and M.Arch from Waseda University (JP) and B.Arch from Nihon University (JP). After his graduation, He had been teaching at Nobuaki Furuya Lab at Waseda University 2007-2010 and Kengo Kuma lab and TADS (Advanced Design Studies) at the University of Tokyo 2010-2016, in both lab he lead many architectural projects with professors and students. And from 2017, he started teaching at IAUD, Meiji University(JP) .

He has been researching on Asian Informal Urbanism and his PhD research is about hawkers on the street and urban structure in 4 Asian cities. Through the studies of both Informal Urbanism and Architecture, he established his own firm to continue his practice and research which is not only for authentic architecture but also new type of architecture and urban design such as “Moving restaurant”, “Temporary units for micro urbanism”, “House like village” or “Hotel for bicycle” etc. to change the situation of the city.