I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

ADS B 2018 Amsterdam Studio

Community design for quality of life & well-being of Baaibuurt
Amsterdam is growing. This primarily applies to parts of Amsterdam Noord, Nieuw-West and Oost. Recently, the number of Residents is increasing by more than 10,000 people annually – both through natural growth, migration and immigration – the need for housing is clearly seen. But how does Amsterdam want to achieve this? The urban design of I-AUD/ADS_B Amsterdam studio is focusing on urban regeneration of Baaibuurt (or the Bay District). Baaibuurt East and West are future neighborhoods on the southern tip of Zeeburgereiland for which the municipality is currently preparing the zoning plan. This plan focuses on housing from 2026.

This semester I-AUD/ADS_B Amsterdam studio collaborates with Gemeente Amsterdam (City of Amsterdam) and using the site of Baaibuurt West as urban design exercise to explores different aspects of urban design of 21st century and reflect on the making of city that increases citizens’ quality of life and human lived experience and well-being.

Quality of Life and Well being
Contemporary urban design has tried to account for the satisfaction of the human experience and quality of life. Many cities try to include the health and well-being issues into the planning and urban design policy to improve the physical environment and decrease risks associated with their everyday activities. The Amsterdam studio is interested in how urban design can foster equity and Well-being of the community.