I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Workshop 2013 Post Olympics Tokyo Bay Urban Renewal Project


With the recent selection of Tokyo to host the Summer Olympics in 2020, a lot of planned construction for new olympic venues will occur in the Odaiba area of Tokyo Bay. The site for the Olympic venues are on what is now industrial landfill but occupies an important point at the northern edge of Tokyo Bay, and at the mouth of the Sumida River. While planning for new facilities is well underway to meet the needs of new facilities for the Olympics, the question that our Design Workshop will address is what sort of facilities and transportation infrastructure will be necessary to support the new facilities, primarily the Olympic Village, post Olympics.

It is the goal of the master plan to allow for the development of a creative, sustainable environment, supporting healthy living, creative markets and industries, support of the arts, and a localinfrastructure that connect the established transportation network, as well as additinal local modes of transportation.

We seek cretive, sustainable solutions that engage the water as a natural amenity, and promote new technologies that can be utilized for transportation and energy consumption. We also seek environments, which advance a sense of community, human connections, forming a coherent community that advances and promotes creativilty and the arts, small business growth, and connection to nature.