I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

ADS-C 2018 Hiromasa Shirai Studio

Urban ex___ Nature
Re-consider the relationship between nature and nature in the city

How can we live with the natural environment in the city? As our notion of sustainable living in the city has become more critical, the living with nature is the key to the modern city. However, available land is limited in the city and technologies of sustaining nature has been developed, we should consider of nature differently from the traditional thinking in the city.
We might find various “urban ex___ nature” as follows.
Urban extra nature
Urban extreme nature
Urban experimental nature
Urban extensive nature
Urban exceptional nature
Urban exclusive nature
Urban expensive nature
Each nature above may have different meaning for people living in the city, and when we consider new “urban ex___ nature”, we may have to consider its new relationship with architecture. In other words, we may have to think of new type of architecture to achieve new type of natural settings in the city. The studio asks each student to find their own word of “ex___ nature” and to explore new type of architecture for our city.

Research: understanding “nature” in artificial environment
– understand “nature” in artificial environment
– investigate past example in the architectural and urban history

Design: architectural model
– establish a new model which combines nature and architecture

Application: develop the model in the specific urban site.
– define the specific project site, and find out the challenges and opportunities there – apply the above model in the designated project site

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