I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Design Workshop 2014 University of Southern California San Francisco


Introduction of the Design Workshop, June 3-14 2014, University of Southern California
San Francisco – 5M Project – (USC Workshop 2014 within Advanced Design Studio 3: Spring 2014)

Located just south of the active Market Street in San Francisco, the 5M Project Proposal proves to be a promising area that can revive the otherwise slow neighborhood. The site sits on the cross-streets of 5th and Mission, north of a thriving technology zone, and in the middle a creative area. The site itself hosts The Hub, a collaborative workspace for socially progressive individuals, a nonprofit community for the arts and tech shop. Food culture and bicycling is prominent and a Transit Urban Center on 3rd Street, along with various adjacent transit stops offer users alternative transit options.

The main issue at hand is the lack of circulation and public space through the site that results in minimal site activity, a contradiction to the thriving creativity within this potential culture juncture. To propose the development of a new district implies a boost in the activation of the surrounding area. Creating better circulation through the site will create more porosity and allow optimal accessibility. Lastly, with such a rich and vibrant creative industry, users will be more inclined to engage with one another and create an interconnected environment. The design teams are to focus on the podium portion of the newly proposed development considering its complex building program to embrace the surrounding urban condition.


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