I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Tokyo Studies 2019 An urban research of Tokyo’s mixed-use, multi-generational neighborhoods by Masami Kobayashi

Tokyo’s Living Environments: A study of Koenji, Shimokatizawa and Yanesen

The selected areas of study are considered among the most attractive neighborhoods in Tokyo among local and visitors for their character, livelihood and work-live-play balance. This study will analyze these neighborhoods to better understand the conditions that form such living environments. Through the examination of the selected neighborhoods, this study will also identify patterns, hierarchies and spatial conditions in an attempt to achieve a prototypical set of relationships by which these neighborhoods can be studied. It will offer a model by which other neighborhoods in Tokyo and beyond could be evaluated as well.

Analysis of each neighborhood according to three main categories: Spatial attributes, Social attributes, and patterns of behavior. In each of these categories a number of parameters will be examined to create a measure of performance.

Tokyo Studies I-AUD 2019 Masami Kobayashi