I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Evening Lecture 2013 #6 Yoshiharu Tsukamoto 2013.07.05 ‒ 19:00


The Sixth Evening Lecture was held here at Meiji University Nakano Campus 5th floor Hall on July 5th.

We were greatly honored to have an architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto from Atelier Bow-Wow (Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture and Building Engineering) as a lecturer for this session. The theme “Behavior of Architecture” was thoroughly presented through number of his recent projects.

Particularly, one of his latest projects “Miyashita Park, Shibuya” which considers design of the ground was intriguing in terms of how the urban context relates directly to the individuals prior to the buildings in general. And then, the design process he has applied in this project strongly made me want to refer this when I tackle urban design studio tasks in I-AUD next semester on.

As always, during the party after the lecture so called “happy hours”, participants gathered around Mr. Tsukamoto for a casual discussion on design issues.

All 6 sessions of the evening lectures for 2013 spring semester have been done. We are currently planning the lectures by the architects and other specialists who play an active role internationally for the coming semester. So, we’re looking forward to seeing you again at Meiji Nakano Campus soon. Thank you.