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Evening Lecture 2013 #5 Felix Claus 2013.06.21 ‒ 19:00

Felix Claus
Felix Claus

In June 21st 2013, starting 19:00 on Friday night, The Fifth Evening Lecture was held at the Lecture Room 515 on the 5th floor of Meiji University’s Nakano Campus.

We were greatly honored to have an architect Felix Claus from Claus en Kaan Architecten (Amsterdam, Netherlands) as a lecturer for this session. The theme “Architecture as a Profession” was enthusiastically presented through number of his recent projects together with the multilateral urban history and context of Amsterdam. And I particularly liked the below message where he has spoken from the educators perspective.

“Architecture is not an art of individual expression; Architecture is a discipline. A discipline that you can learn. We are in a school of architecture to transfer knowledge and to teach a method. I will use my own work and experience as an example to how careful application of knowledge and method can lead to projects.” Then after the lecture, we were fortunate to have him for the design studio towards the end of the semester.

During the party after the lecture so called “happy hours”, participants gathered around Mr. Claus for a casual discussion on design issues