I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Evening Lecture 2013 #4 Hajime Ishikawa 2013.06.07 ‒ 19:00


The Fourth Evening Lecture was held here at Meiji University Nakano Campus 5th floor Hall on June 7th.

In today’s lecture, we were honored to have a landscape architect Hajime Ishikawa. The lecture was composed of landscape projects including “Nakano Central Park”, which spread out in front of our new Nakano campus as well as those GPS applied thrilling design projects. It was surprising to find out the real pleasure of design through his landscape projects that are narrated from the practical point of view. Likewise, it was an opportunity to grasp potential of the archived information based on GPS as a design tool.

Then, toward the end of the lecture, we have discussed the internationality of architecture and the ideology beyond architectural field. During the party after the lecture so called “happy hours”, participants gathered around Mr. Ishikawa for a casual discussion on design issues.