I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Evening Lecture 2013 #3 Ryuji Fujimura 2013.05.24 ‒ 19:00


In May 24th 2013, starting 19:00 on Friday night, The Third Evening Lecture was held at the Hall on the 5th floor of Meiji University’s Nakano Campus.

We were honored to welcome an architect Ryuji Fujimura, who serves as a lecturer at Toyo University as the third lecturer and have categorized the themes in “S. M. L. XL.” scales. He has presented thoroughly with abundant contents including his recent housing project, station city project which focuses on the JR railway stations as the core element and the “Tsurugashima project (Saitama, Japan)” which led as theworkshop with his laboratory team and the local citizen. In addition to these practical activities, it was also a great opportunity for us to consider the attitude as a professional, “what is the architect’s role in the shrinking society?”

During the party after the lecture so called “happy hours”, participants gathered around Mr. Fujimura for a casual discussion on design issues. It was also a big finding for me that he was extremely humorous in this relaxing atmosphere.