I-AUD | International Program in Architecture and Urban Design

Evening Lecture 2013 #2 Sou Fujimoto 2013.05.10 ‒ 19:00


In May 10th 2013, The Second Evening Lecture was held here at Meiji University Nakano Campus 5th floor Hall.

We were honored to have an architect Sou Fujimoto as a lecturer for this nights lecture. The theme “Architecture as Forest” was thoroughly presented all in English for 90 minutes. It was structured chronologically starting from his childhood memory on forest to the latest project, Serpentine Pavilion. Along with these projects Mr. Fujimoto has shared, with ingenious humour, his ways of thinking on urban and architecture together with how his ways of thinking have changed within the time.

While in the question and answer session, various questions were brought up especially from the foreign students and that it enabled me to grasp how much Mr. Fujimoto, who plays an active role internationally, has been paid attention in both domestic and international wise. Also during the party so called “happy hours” after the lecture, many participants gathered around Mr. Fujimoto and they’ve all got very excited with an architectural talk in a casual atmosphere.