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Evening Lecture 2013 #7 Tsuyoshi Tane 2013.10.22 ‒ 19:00

Tsuyoshi Tane
Tsuyoshi Tane

The Seventh Evening Lecture was held at Meiji University Nakano Campus 5th floor Hall on October 22th.

We were all excited and honored to have an architect Tsuyoshi Tane from DGT (Dorell. Ghotmeh. Tane Architects) in France as a lecturer for this session. The theme “archealogy of the future”was enthusiastically presented through number of his recent projects including “Estonian National Museum” which is now under construction and the competition proposal (finalist) for the “New National Museum 2020 Tokyo Olympics”. Then what surprised us the most was the story behind these projects which the clear consistency has been retained by applying 4 fundamental parameters: Memory (History), Time, Place and Space.

Myself as a masters student here at I-AUD, it was a great lesson to learn the importance of confronting those parameters especially the “memory (history)” which I wasn’t aware of it while visioning the city nor the architecture.

Yes, as always during the party after the lecture so called “happy hours”, participants gathered around Mr. Tane for a casual discussion on design issues.