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Evening Lecture 2022 #6 Frank Salama 2023.01.13 ‒ 19:00

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We will have Evening Lecture on Jan. 13th Friday from 19:00 JST,
by Frank Salama

The conference will present a selection of recent projects focusing mainly on individual and collective housing programs.
Frank Salama has long been influenced by contemporary and traditional Japanese architecture. He tries to find and transcribe emotions and sensations felt in Japan in his projects carried out in France.
In his projects, particular attention is paid to the relationship to the landscape at different scales, but also to the qualities of use and above all to the relationship between practices and the landscape(s).

Diploma from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture in 2000
Professional practice
Directs the agency Frank Salama Atelier d’Architecture since 2001
the agency works on individual and collective housing projects, equipment (school projects, locks, etc.)
Frank Salama teaches at the Special School of Architecture (2005-2010 and 2015-now), at the National Superior School of Architecture and Landscape of Lille (full teacher since 2010)
He was a visiting professor at Seika University (Kyoto) in 2017
He has organized numerous workshops in France (ESA) and in Japan: Meiji University, ICS, (with Manuel Tardits) Tokai, Tokyo University of Sciences (Rikadai) with Tatsuo Iwaoka, Seika with Thomas Daniell, Frac Orleans with Hitoshi Abe…
Frank Salama has published numerous articles on Japanese architecture in various architecture journals (Technical and Architecture, Fine Arts Magazine, Casa Bella, Living Architecture…)

The lecture will be in English, open to public using ZOOM.

ミーティングID: 867 3862 4323
パスコード: hp77JY

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