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Evening Lecture 2022 #3 François Decoster 2022.07.22 ‒ 19:00

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We will have HYBRID Evening Lecture at Jul 22nd Friday from 19:00 JST,
by François Decoster

François Decoster (1966) is an architect and urbanist. He graduated from the School of Architecture of Versailles in 1993 and from the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris in 1995. In 1996, with Djamel Klouche and Caroline Poulin, he founded l’AUC, an architecture, urbanism, research and urban design office based in Paris. He teaches urbanism and urban design at the National University of Singapore, School of Design and Environment, Department of Architecture since 2003 (Master of Urban Design and Master of Integrated Sustainable Design). He works on projects and research dealing with the issues of metropolisation, urban regeneration and public space. This lecture will focus mainly on the recent works including Lyon Part-Dieu, Contemporary Metropolitan Hub.

Lyon Part-Dieu, Contemporary Metropolitan Hub
The district of Lyon Part-Dieu was developed on a former military site during the 1970’s in the context of French administrative decentralisation policies. Located around Lyon’s main train station it has become the second largest business districts in France. Despite its economic success, the district suffers from monofunctionnality, unattractivity of its public space, poor environmental quality and ageing of many tertiary buildings. This led the Lyon Metropolis and the City of Lyon to initiate an ambitious urban regeneration project for the district in 2009, aiming to articulate massive public investment on transport, infrastructure and public space with rehabilitation or redevelopment operations carried out by private investors.

This co-production process is orchestrated by the public developer SPL Lyon Part-Dieu with l’AUC as chief architect and public space designer.

The lecture will be in English, open to public by zoom
Face to face lecture available for I-AUD students and alumni at 6F Lounge, Meiji University, Nakano Campus
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